Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – The Spotlight Kid (Deluxe Edition)


Réédition vinyle Deluxe du 6ème album de Captain Beefheart sorti en 1972. Inclus versions alternatives.


Face A
1. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
2. White Jam
3. Blabber ‘n Smoke
4. When It Blows Its Stacks
5. Alice in Blunderland

Face B
1. The Spotlight Kid
2. Click Clack
3. Grow Fins
4. There Ain’t No Santa Claus on the Evenin’ Stage
5. Glider

Face C
1. The Witch Doctor Life (Instrumental Take)
2. Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian (Instrumental Take)
3. Your Love Brought Me to Life (Instrumental)
4. Two Rips in a Haystack / Kiss Me My Love
5. Harry Irene
6. Best Batch Yet (Track) [Version 1]
7. I Can’t Do This Unless I Can Do This / Seam Crooked Sam

Face D
1. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby (Full-Length Version)
2. Pompadour Swamp (Full-Length Version)

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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band


The Spotlight Kid (Deluxe Edition)

Format EP LP Single



Vinyles milky clear


Rhino Records