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Daniel Johnston – The end is never really over


Daniel Johnston, outsider absolu et artiste inclassable. Ce boxset en édition limitée rassemble les albums Artistic Vice et 1990, indisponibles depuis plus de 10 ans ! Il contient également un t-shirt “Captain America” exclusif, ainsi qu’un art book de 16 pages, une planche de stickers et une broche Jeremiah the Frog.




Artistic Vice

Face A

1. My life is Starting Over

2. Honey I sure Miss you

3. I Feel so High

4. A Ghostly Story

5. Tell Me Now

6. Easy Listening

7. I Know Casper

8. Startling Facts

Face B

1. Hoping

2. Its Got to be Good

3. Happy Soul

4. The Dream is Over

5. Love of My Life

6. I Killed the Monster

7. Laurie

8. Fate Will Get Done


Face A

1. Devil Town

2. Spirit World Rising

3. Held the Hand

4. Lord Give me Hope

5. Some things Last a Long Time

6. Tears Stupid Tears

7. Don’t Play Cards with Satan

Face B

1. True Love Will Find You in the End

2. Got to get you into my life

3. Careless Soul

4. Funeral Home

5. Softly and Tenderly 

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Daniel Johnston


The end is never really over




Rock indé

Format EP LP Single

LP Boxset

Format inches


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