18 juin • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – The Original Lost Elektra Sessions (Ed Deluxe)


Sortie le 18 juin 2022.
Inclus démos et versions alternatives. Disponible pour la première fois en vinyle.

Face A
1. Good Morning Little School Girl
2. Just to Be with You
3. Help Me
4. Hate to See You Go
5. Poor Boy
6. Nut Popper #1
7. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Face B
1. Lovin’ Cup
2. Rock Me
3. It Hurts Me Too
4. Our Love Is Drifting
5. Take Me Back Baby
6. Mellow Down Easy

Face C
1. Ain’t No Need to Go No Further
2. Love Her with a Feeling
3. Piney Brown Blues
4. Spoonful
5. That’s All Right
6. Goin’ Down Slow

Face D
1. Mellow Down Easy (Alternate Version Instrumental)
2. Ain’t No Need To Go Further (Alternate Version)
3. Keep On Lovin’ Me Baby (Unreleased Demo)
4. Off The Wall (Alternate Version Instrumental)
5. Blues With A Feeling (Alternate Version)

Face E
1. Memory Pain (Unreleased Demo)
2. Born In Chicago (Alternate Version)
3. Nut Popper #1 (Alternate Version/First Take)
4. One More Mile (Alternate Version)
5. Love Her With A Feeling (Full length Version)

Face F
1. Mystery Train (Alternate Version)
2. Blues For Ruth (Unreleased Instrumental Jam)
3. Love Song (Unreleased Instrumental)
4. Danger Zone (Unreleased Demo)

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The Paul Butterfield Blues Band


The Original Lost Elektra Sessions (Ed Deluxe)

Format EP LP Single