Lowell George – Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here (Deluxe Edition)


Réédition vinyle 45ème anniversaire de cet album solo de Lowell George fondateur du groupe Little Feat. Inclus titres bonus.

Face A
1. What Do You Want the Girl to Do
2. Honest Man
3. Two Trains
4. Can’t Stand the Rain
Face B
1. Cheek to Cheek
2. Easy Money
3. 20 Million Things
4. Find a River
5. Himmler’s Ring
Face C
1. Easy Money (Alternate Version)
2. What Do You Want the Girl to Do (Alternative Version)
3. Two Trains (Alternate Version)
4. Honest Man (Alternate Version)
Face D
1. China White (Alternate Version)[2024 Remaster] [Outtake]
2. Cheek to Cheek (Alternate Version)
3. Heartache (Alternate Version)
4. 20 Million Things (Alternate Version)
5. Doctor My Eyes
6. Roll ‘Em Easy
7. Brickyard Blues (Play Something Sweet) [Outtake]

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Lowell George


Thanks, I'll Eat It Here (Deluxe Edition)

Format EP LP Single



Rhino Records